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Our lightweight, durable goals are preferred by coaches worldwide.
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Sale The Pugg Original 6 Footer (Pair)
The Original 6 Footer (Pair)
$99.95 $79.96
Sale Pugg Ultra Q5 Weighted Pop-Up (Pair)
Ultra Q5 Weighted Pop-Up (Pair)
$149.95 $119.96
Sale Pugg 6 Color Pack - 4ft & 6ft
6 Pack Pop-Up Goals (6 Footer)
$329.95 $263.96

Great for Kids Free Shipping to Continental US

Sale The Original Pugg 4 Footer – Pair
The Original 4 Footer (Pair)
$69.95 $55.96
Sale Little Beast 3 Footer Weighted Pop Up (Pair)
Little Beast 3 Footer Weighted Pop Up (Pair)
$79.95 $63.96
Sale Mini One-V-One "Brazil-USA" (Pair)
Mini One-V-One “Brazil-USA” (Pair)
$64.95 $51.96
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Here’s what people are saying about Pugg


PUGG, no brainer.

By Allie R.on March 22, 2017

Pugg goals are a no brainer purchase. I’ve had kids in soccer and coached for 12 years now and been thru lots of different pop up goals. Without a doubt, more

PUGG makes the best product on the market. If you are just getting started with soccer for your kids, buy these and be done buying anymore.


Good quality goals

By Clara Don January 7, 2017

Good quality goals that will last for a long time. Have seen these for years, used by coaches and friends, so finally decided to get our own for pick-up games.

Things you should know about PUGG

Grassroots Soccer

grass roots soccer in brazil

There’s something beautiful in the simplicity of the sport. You don’t need a stadium, a crowd, a referee, heck you don’t even need cleats. All you need is the soccer ball and the players. And once you’ve got the goal, you’ve got a game. Pugg provides Pop-Up Goals to schools and organizations in developing countries worldwide as a proud sponsor of grassroots soccer. Learn more

The Most Trusted Goal

grass roots soccer in brazil

Quality equipment matters to coaches and players alike. We are both proud and honored to be the preferred choice of soccer coaches and players across the world. PUGG portable goals are the most purchased, most reviewed, most shot-on pop-up goals in the world. Learn more about Pugg goals.

Connect with PUGG

grass roots soccer in brazil

At PUGG, we are dedicated to the game, the world’s greatest game. We are here to support the soccer community and the good people who carry it forward. Follow us on social media for coaching tips, new PUGG products, and all things soccer. Or contact Us and say hello.

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