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At PUGG, we believe the quality of our products is unmatched. (That’s why we are still doing what we do after more than two decades—making the best portable soccer goals in the market.) We invented the pop-up goal–and we have manufactured PUGG Goals to the highest standards for safety and durability.

To back that up, we offer a 365-day Satisfaction Guarantee, and a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our Flex-Steel frames.

365-day Guarantee

Pugg Company, Inc., (PUGG) guarantees to you, the original consumer-purchaser, that all PUGG Goals are free of defects in material and/or workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Lifetime Frame Warranty

We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our FLEX-STEEL FRAMES, which are the heart of PUGG products. If your frame breaks we will replace the goal as long as there was not abuse to the frame.

Warranty FAQs

What will void the LIFETIME WARRANTY on the Flex-Steel Frame?

Any improper or other than normal soccer use of a PUGG goal will void the warranty.

What about the colored sleeve and the net that make up the rest of the goal? Are these covered?

The net and sleeve are covered from any defect for one year. With proper care, your PUGG goal will stand up to regular usage and provide many, many hours of fun. That said, a few things will factor into the useful lifespan of the polyester elements:

  1. Avoid long-term UV exposure. If you leave your goal out in the weather–sun, rain, snow–for extended periods of time when not in active use, the polyester sleeves and netting will start to break down. Take down and store your PUGG Goal properly.
  2. Chemicals in yards or on fields can also do damage to the materials over time.

How do I make a Warranty/Guarantee claim?

  1. To activate a claim against the Guarantee/Warranty, the consumer-purchaser must:
    • a.Notify PUGG of any defect or malfunction promptly upon discovery.
    • b. Provide proof of purchase (place, price, and date), plus any requested documentation of the defect, of material or workmanship.
  2. All warranty claims must be processed directly through Pugg Company, Inc.

Is my PUGG covered by the Warranty/Guarantee?

PUGG products purchased before 01/01/2017 do not qualify for the Guarantee.

What about pegs and other things? Are they covered?

PUGG’s nylon carrying bags, pegs, other accessories, and all custom products, are excluded from the Guarantee Program.

We hope this Guarantee enhances the value of your purchase and helps you feel secure in your decision to buy PUGG products.

In the event that you believe the product you purchased from PUGG has any defect in material or workmanship, simply contact Customer Service Department at 617-879-0550, or support@pugg.com